Orange County Community Referral Network (OCCRN)

In addition to providing direct patient care, in 2013 Lestonnac Free Clinic started working with the Brilogy Corporation to develop an innovative solution to improve community health and transform the health care delivery system. The Orange County Community Referral Network (OCCRN), a web-centric, electronic referral system, is designed to facilitate referrals between community-based clinics, health centers, private practitioners, and hospitals that serve Southern California. The Orange County Community Referral Network has five components: E-Referral, E-Emergency Department Follow-Up, E-Consult, E-Surgery Wait List and E-Social Services. A brief outline of each follows:

E-Referral: Allows primary care providers in the county to refer patients electronically to Lestonnac Free Clinic’s twenty-five specialties. In an effort to increase continuity of care, once a patient has been seen the patient’s chart notes are sent automatically back to the referring provider.

E-Emergency Department Follow-Up: In an effort to improve community health by providing uninsured patients’ access to care after they have been discharged or released from the Emergency Department, Lestonnac Free Clinic has partnered with Los Alamitos Medical Center, La Palma and St. Joseph Hospital in the launch of the Emergency Department Follow-Up program. The program allows hospital staff access to the Clinic’s electronic health record system and the ability to schedule appointments as well as send medical records to the Clinic.

E-Consult: This service allows providers an opportunity to discuss a patient’s condition and generate a comprehensive medical treatment plan electronically.

E-Surgery Wait List: Patient Care Coordinators have the ability to add patients to a county-wide surgery wait list which allows surgical facilities to gauge the type and need of surgical procedures when they host complimentary outpatient surgery days.

E-Social Services: This functionality connects community nonprofit organizations with each other to increase the visibility and utilization of services (such as legal assistance, homeless shelters, food banks, etc.) available to indigent, homeless and low-income populations.


For more information on these services or to arrange a complimentary demonstration please contact:

Ed Gerber
Executive Director, Lestonnac Free Clinic
1215 E Chapman Ave, Orange CA 92866
P: (714) 583-6431

Milton Allione
President, Brilogy Corporation
3611 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704
P: (714) 662-6000 

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