Volunteer of the Month

Lestonnac Free Clinic is fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers that use their energy and talents to help the underserved. While every volunteer contributes to the clinic's success the following individuals have consistently gone above and beyond and truly embody the clinic's mission. Because of this they are Volunteers of the Month.

December: Amanda Thai

"I chose to volunteer with Lestonnac because I loved the idea of being able to provide to those in need. I also like being surrounded by healthcare providers and fellow volunteers who want to give back to the community. I've learned a lot and have been able to make an impact that I don't think I would have been able to do anywhere else!" -Amanda

Amanda is a future public health nurse who will educate and provide direct health services to underserved communities. She also hopes to work with the government to coordinate health resource delivery to the underserved.

As a graduate of UCR with a degree in Biochemistry, Amanda takes post-baccalaureate classes while also applying to nursing programs. In addition to volunteering, Amanda’s hobbies include running, hiking, baking, and drawing.

Among the volunteer team, Amanda is known as a “vitals superstar” for taking them efficiently while ensuring the patient feels respected and at ease. (“Vitals,” AKA vital signs, include metrics such as body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure that Lestonnac’s volunteers are trained to take from patients.) Amanda is also very involved in our Health Fairs which offer free medical/dental services to anyone in the public.

Thank you, Amanda, for your inspiring dedication and compassion to our patients!

November: Joshua Oommen

"I have exposure with LFC during high school by volunteering at their large health clinics. I enjoyed talking with the physicians and I enjoyed the time we got to spend with the patients. The opportunities and experiences at LFC were truly unique." -Joshua

Joshua is a third-year undergraduate student at Chapman University; he is currently double majoring in Kinesiology and Philosophy. Joshua aspires to become a sports medicine physician, and both treat patients and teach in some capacity.

Outside of volunteering, Joshua likes to hike, lift, and read old philosophy books. Lestonnac staff have boasted about Joshua’s dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to help in any way.

Our Physical Therapy program would not run like it does without Joshua’s weekly commitment to translate and his initiative to make sure things go smoothly. In addition to this Joshua has taken on other tasks, like creating medical translation resources, to better support our doctors as they are treating patients.

Joshua truly embody the Clinic’s mission to serve the community and provide the highest quality care.

Thank you, Joshua, your passion and dedication to the people we serve are greatly appreciated!

October: Noelle Ahn

"I spent most of my life uninsured. After moving to California, I was fascinated to learn that a completely free specialized clinic exists. I joined Lestonnac to support the free quality care for my neighbors in SoCal that I wished existed in the communities I grew up in." - Noelle

Noelle graduated from The University of Washington with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry. Noelle aspires to be a doctor and is interested in writing a book, creating self help resources, and starting a nonprofit or foundation to support free clinical/behavioral health services to the safety-net population.

Outside of volunteering, Noelle likes spending time with her nephew and her dog. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family and sharing interesting medical facts about the brain.

Noelle is extremely detail oriented, she is always willing to help out and give whatever it takes to complete a project. Noelle’s enthusiasm and dedication to be admired.

Thank you Noelle; your passion and dedication to the people we serve are greatly appreciated!

September: Mike Warn

"Volunteering with Lestonnac allows for the unique opportunity to directly care for under-served and uninsured patients." - Mike

Mike graduated from California State University, San Bernardino. He is in the process of applying for medical school with the hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon, otolaryngologist, or intensivist. Currently, he is working in a lab at UCI developing a model of traumatic brain injury with stem cell-derived human brain organoids.

Outside of volunteering, Mike likes to wakeboard, snowboard, hike, and travel.

Mike is extremely consistent, he is always willing to help out and give whatever it takes. Mike has taken the initiative to develop a new application process for incoming volunteers.

July: Jeanene Salgado

"Being able to witness the work that the physicians do at the clinic is awesome. I'm glad I can help them by translating. I also really like the fact that it's an actual FREE clinic!" -Jeanene

Jeanene graduated from UC Berkeley in May with a degree in molecular and cellular biology. Outside of volunteering, Jeanene likes to cook and spend quality time with family and friends. 

In the short amount of time that Jeanene has been volunteering she has been very ambitious and eager to learn new things. Thank you Jeanene; your dedication to the people we serve is greatly appreciated!



June: Federico Galar

"There are very few volunteer programs that are hands-on. Lestonnac gave me the best opportunity to develop a comprehensive medical Spanish vocabulary. I became     comfortable working with patients in a clinical setting and learned more about the medically underserved and uninsured population of California." -Federico

  Federico graduated from Chapman University in the fall of 2018 with a Bachelors of Art in Economics. Midway through his college career Federico decided to pursue       medicine and wanted to gain exposure in a healthcare setting which led him to Lestonnac. Since 2018, Federico has volunteered 240 hours at Lestonnac.

 Outside of volunteering, Federico likes to spend time with family and friends, exercise, train dogs, and travel. Thank you Federico; your compassion and dedication to   the people we serve is greatly appreciated!